The latest celebrity hang out for Cumbria is The Bridge bistro, in Kirby Thore.

Staff had a shock two weeks ago when a A-List celebrity and Greatest Showman star Hugh Jackman popped in for a family meal.

The Bistro opened six years ago after the owners, Louise and Matthew Reay, bought the derelict pub.

The couple have spent years building the business into what it is today.

Proudly adding they're in the Michelin guide, the pair have put everything into making it a destination.

After taking the Jackman family booking more than two weeks ago owner Louise was shocked to find who would be sitting at one of her tables.

She said: "It was a little bit surreal to tell you the truth, they came about 12pm on the Saturday. Half of the party turned up early and we recognised them, they had been before.

"Then he (Hugh Jackman) turned up.

"It was a case of is it or isn't it him?"

The staff at the Bistro wanted to give the group as much privacy as possible so they could enjoy their time together.

She explained: "We sat them at a discreet table and customers were asking if it was Hugh Jackman. One went over and was politely told not now."



Louise said they had had a number of famous faces dine with them over the years including the Brownlee brothers and Susan Boyle, but never such a big name.

She added: "He was really nice. He was a lot slimmer than I thought, because I always think of him as wolverine.

The stop off came as the superstar made his way to Scotland for his Greatest Showman show in Glasgow.

Louise added: "He was really nice - very pleasant - really enjoyed his meal. He had some local Herdwick lamb. Then he sentcompliments to the chef."

The family get-together lasted for about three hours, swapping photographs and catching up.

Restaurateur Louise said: "It's a big compliment for him to come here, when he finished his meal he grabbed hold of my arm and told me how much he really enjoyed everything and gave compliments to the chef."

Jokingly she finished: "Now we're waiting for Zac Efron to come. I'm going to lock him in and keep him!"