I see that Cumbria Tourism is cock-a-hoop about having three new or re-vamped attractions in the Lake District (Gazette, March 14, 'We'll be on top of the world'). One of these involves the loss of much-used car parking.

Good news for the tourist industry, but our roads and car parks are near saturation point. On many weekends and most bank holidays, the roads are clogged and car parks full. On any ‘normal’ day it is difficult to find a parking place in Kendal after 9.30am and this will be made worse if we lose yet more spaces.

Isn’t it high time that the authorities gave serious thought – and action – to the matter of car parking and also to public transport in general?

Surely, the authorities must now at least find space somewhere for a park and ride scheme for Kendal. There have been pieces in the Gazette about this from time to time – lots of talk, but no action.

If our World Heritage Site status brings more visitors to boost the local economy, action must be taken without further delay. If visitors come and find they spend their time in traffic queues, or are unable to find parking space, they won’t come back.

Authorities – the council, the Lake District National Park Authority and Cumbria tourism, please let us have some action.

Brenda Robinson