THE cynicism contained within comments made following the various articles run by The Westmorland Gazette regarding the student strikes for climate change is saddening.

We have known about climate change for a generation and yet a generation of politicians has failed to do anything of any consequence to halt the march toward destruction of our home planet.

It is these very students who will feel the initial impact of our lack of action. It is their children who could well find themselves in unimaginable circumstances due to our fence sitting.

It seems to me that many of the comments may have been made by the ill-informed; by those who, if not climate change deniers, then those who have not digested the science and fail to realise the fact that catastrophic changes may come within a generation.

These changes, if left unfettered, would take 20,000 years to reverse. That’s not exaggeration, that’s not paranoia, that’s not scare mongering, that is a fact. We must take note and we must act.

Instead of making judgemental comments about the students' use of mobile phones, their diets or their parents' foreign holidays (all based on absolute supposition by the way) perhaps these ne'er sayers should use their energy in a more constructive way.

May I suggest that they look at their own lives and their own habits, seeking ways that they might make a difference rather than doing down those who are at least making an effort to secure a viable future?

Well done to these well-intentioned and well-informed students who have taken time to show us that they must be listened to.

Cllr Eamonn Hennessy

South Lakeland District Council Member for Kendal East

Kendal Town Council Member for Kendal Castle