THE recent actions by young people in Kendal to highlight the urgency needed to reduce mankind’s impact on the climate sent a very powerful message to all.

Those taking part in the action are responsible ,concerned, young citizens, who recognise the enormity of the challenge and are calling for actions large and small to quickly begin to address climate change.

South Lakeland District Council became the first council to dedicate a portfolio to reducing the impact of climate change. This is a significant move as many of the actions that will result from a successful portfolio lead will require behaviour change by us all.

Our young people have demanded that we deliver behaviour change. Failure to do so will result in tragedy.

The sort of changes needed will not have universal appeal and undoubtedly will continue to promote ‘the fear of losing a vote reaction’ that has dogged difficult decision making in the past.

I expect that actions of all magnitudes will result from this commitment but they will have to be consistent.

Everybody will need to consider how their actions impact our environment and everybody needs to ensure that they support the radical measures that all organisations will need to implement in order that we have any hope of arresting the climate changes that are already well under way.

Graham Vincent

Independent town councillor, Kendal West