IT IS very understandable why many disadvantaged and underprivileged folk hope for Brexit. There are justifiable reasons for feeling aggrieved about immigration and lack of investment in their futures.

But the message has now been clearly sent to our politicians and we now have to face reality. Brexit, and especially a no deal Brexit, will bring immense damage to our country.

Brexit does have a simple appeal, but the world is not a simple place.

The laws of physics and economics will still apply and globalisation will still continue whether we like it or not. And it is the majority of folk who voted for Brexit who will likely suffer the consequences the most.

Brexit will lead to the break up of the United Kingdom. We will lose the advantages of funding for our town centres and industries and lose easy access to our largest market. WTO rules may be difficult to understand but the simple reality is that trade will be more difficult and more costly.

Industries are already leaving our country, for example, car and steel manufacture and aerospace is following closely behind.

We must think of the future and the time has come for the sensible majority, hopefully lead by our political representatives, to come together to stop our country's lemming-like rush to self-destruction.

David Hawkins