A MOUNTAIN rescue team were called out to aid a man who had become 'fatigued' while out walking. 

Patterdale mountain rescuers launched the rescue rib, after being called by the police, from Glenridding Steamer Pier with team members on board. 

The man was out walking the lakeshore path between Howtown and Side Farm in Patterdale on Monday morning when he was rescued. 

On arrival at the scene the walker was assessed before being placed on the stretcher and transferred back across the lake to his accommodation.

Patterdale MRT would like to thank colleagues from Tayside Mountain Rescue Team who assisted with the callout after a busy day training with the Team.

The volunteer team is in the process of investigating possible options for developing a permanent facility on Ullswater Lake to house the rescue rib and the associated equipment.

If you could assist the team in any way, please contact us in writing at Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team, Ogilvie House, Patterdale, CA11 0PH