CAMPAIGNERS against the live transport of farm animals will be taking action in Kendal tomorrow (Friday, June 14, 2019).

Local supporters of Compassion in World Farming, an animal welfare charity, will be handing out leaflets in town on Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day.

Events are also being held around the world, said the charity, including a rally at Hyde Park, London.

Supporter Julie Boswell, of Kendal, said: "It's time for the government to take action and enforce a UK-wide ban on live exports for slaughter and further fattening. Please join us on June 14 to raise awareness of the horrors of this cruel and unnecessary trade."

The campaign counts actor Peter Egan, of Downton Abbey fame, among its supporters.

He said thousands of British farm animals faced "long and gruelling journeys overseas" and they endured "unimaginable suffering".

The Compassion in World Farming charity was founded by a dairy farmer in 1967. It aims to end factory farming and achieve "humane and sustainable food".

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