I WAS delighted to read Gazette that plans are in place to remove the graffiti on the Kendal bypass bridge (Gazette, June 6, 'Eco slogans set to vanish').

My love of the countryside, the Lakes and Cumbria generally is built on a foundation of lifetime living in the area among several generations of farming. Anyone who has used the bypass in recent months will be shocked by the slogans daubed on the bridge advocating us to make ecocide law etc.

This would include all the visitors coming to the Lakes - not a great first impression. The bridge forms a perfect frame to the surrounding vistas.

I cannot believe that anyone who has a fondness for the environment would do such a thing! Certainly it does not add any sympathy or encourage involvement. On the contrary, it’s illegal, unsightly and costly to remove.

If the ‘eco-warriors’ responsible would do something worthy, such as collect a bagful of litter and plastic which is endangering our countryside and wildlife, then that would be really something special.

Barbara Street