CEDRIC Robinson MBE, the longest-serving Queen's Guide to the Sands, will attend a book-signing in Kendal later this month.

Mr Robinson began taking people across the treacherous sands of Morecambe Bay in 1963, but recently stepped-down after 55 years in the position.

The mantle been taken up by Michael Wilson, a fisherman from Flookburgh, but Mr Robinson will oversee a transitional period while his successor beds in.

Now journalist and former TV broadcaster Lindsay Sutton, an old friend of Mr Robinson, has written a book which explores changes in the bay across his friend's long tenure.

"I have obviously celebrated Cedric and honoured the long tenure and welcomed the new guide, but I have also looked at the whole of Morecambe Bay in a wider and deeper manner through the eyes of Cedric," said Mr Sutton

'Sands of Time' addresses a variety of topics, including how climate change is affecting the Bay and how its channels have changed since the '60s. It also looks at the Bay's wildlife, ecology, pollution threats and technology and its impact.

Mr Robinson and Mr Sutton will be signing copies of the book from 2pm on June 21 at Waterstones in Kendal.

The book is available for purchase from Waterstones.com as well as Great Northern Books.