I READ the report about the Brewery Pre-School, at Highgate, Kendal, which will be closing its doors in July after the Brewery Arts Centre chose not to renew the lease (Gazette, July 13, 'Pre-school closure sparks parents' fears').

This is so very short-sighted of the Brewery management. Its nursery families are its future customers.

I was involved there from 1973 -1978, initially as a parent, then very soon after as a group leader and eventually as manager and running the toddler group when I had my second child.

The room was upstairs on the cafe floor in those days.

We raised money for an outside area, paving, grass, steps, a storage shed and a climbing frame. The Brewery management did not contribute financially to this but supported our efforts.

Many of the Brewery staff had children in our groups and were able to take jobs because of us.

We often spent money in the cafe. Parents enjoyed a coffee together. Families ate their lunch there. We formed a baby sitting circle.

Cervical smears were introduced at a caravan at K Shoes. We opened Playgroup so children were cared for safely while mothers attended. Maybe lives were saved as a result?

We opened a crèche for special events - for example, a 'Victorian Weekend'.

I made life-long friends. My children went on to enjoy Saturday workshops and later the youth theatre. I went to evening classes - and it all started from The Brewery Playgroup as it was know then.

Please think again. Pre-schools are living and vibrant. Cinemas are more screens and life is so screen-led now.

Ruth Gill