WHY are American presidents the only world leaders who (appear to) ask God to bless their nation? If America is so great, why don’t they help the poorest people on Earth - everyone's home?

Thinking that God was on their side in the Vietnamese War, he clearly wasn’t. Now, with a trade war against China, yet again they could well find out that God doesn’t take sides, but simply allows Mother Nature to determine ‘right from wrong’.

If the world needs a role model for 'how to achieve peace and harmony', it is surely Japan. With their launch of the new era of Reiwa - the era of ‘beautiful harmony’ - on May 1, isn’t it a far better achievement that landing on the moon? That is, better to invest in the human race, than the space race!

Who does China ask for guidance? If they hadn’t adopted a one child policy in 1979, wouldn’t the human race be in a far worse state of ‘fall-out and warfare’ than it is? The goal of the policy was to make sure that population growth didn’t outpace economic development and to ease environmental and natural resource challenges.

Now, with America wanting even more growth and prosperity, hasn’t China been forced to ‘fight fire with fire’?

But, unlike America, they are driven by fair-trade, as opposed to ‘gold fever’!

With global warming, shouldn’t fair-trade dictate that America adopt a one car per family policy?

If Donald Trump believes that the America - gun-toting and most obese nation on earth, with its per capita CO2 emissions 50 per cent bigger than Russia, and more than double that of China - will last “for many centuries to come”, and is prepared to defend it with whatever it takes, aren’t we guaranteed a nuclear war within the lifetime of children born today?

Allan Ramsay