"More jaw jaw means less war war" are words attributed to Winston Churchill. It seems to me Highways England have adopted a similar approach to dealing with the dangers of the A590 (Gazette, 'Danger road action appeal', July 4).

How many more years of dialogue with councillors, drop-in sessions and consultations does it take to get resolution to some pretty obvious hazards?

Fifteen fatal or serious casualties over the last four years are quite enough. The fact drivers continue to break speed limits, fail to indicate their intentions and ignore road signs are major contributors to the dangers of the road; but if Highways England continue to 'jaw' over the problem then another four years of inaction will result and maybe even more deaths.

As Churchill also said: "I never worry about action, but only inaction." The time is right for Highways England to take action and not spend time assessing the situation.

Nick Chaloner