I WENT to the open meeting re climate change at Kendal Town Hall. I should guess there were more than100 people there.

South Lakeland district councillors Giles Archibald and Dyan Jones introduced the meeting with an excellent summary of the situation in which we find ourselves and the projected course of events under different scenarios, aided by charts on the screen.

About a dozen groups at different tables discussed the way forward and these were collated.

It is clear that it is absolutely necessary we should all fully realise the serious situation in which we humans find ourselves, and we must all recognise we have individual and local choices to make.

I would like to suggest the Gazette should copy and publish the excellent charts which were presented to us; they would help to make readers realise we must all take action.

I can report the evening was apolitical; I didn’t hear a party mentioned, and (thank goodness!) no talk of Brexit.

John Mounsey