THIS is a piece of work written by three Year 6 students at Old Hutton CE Primary School - Aela Toone, Lily Gray and Eleanor Nelson.

The piece, which is very pertinent at this time of increasing environmental awareness, was written by the children during a Kendal Poetry Project in conjunction with The Wordsworth Trust.

The children also gave solo poetry performances at the Kendal Unity Festival in June. The girls have entered the poem in a competition on ‘Climate Change’ - this is being run by Zuza Recycling and WWF and is open to all primary and secondary students in Cumbria.

‘There is no Planet B’

There is no Planet B,

We’re just a small island in an endless sea.

Our future depends on you and me,

Each breath we took and take, relied on a tree.

Not just destroying our lives but others’ too,

We must all help to keep our planet blue.

They swing from the treetops but then they drop,

As they hear the echoing noise of a horrifying gunshot.

But still we are idle, doing nothing at all,

If only they could hear our desperate call.

It’s not like we can go to a different planet,

As there is no Planet B.

Claire Toone

Chair of Governors, Old Hutton CE Primary School