MEMBERS of Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were helped by Copeland’s MP when a group of walkers became stuck at a Lake District beauty spot.

Trudy Harrison was canoeing around Wastwater with her husband Keith when she heard cries for help and decided to intervene.

She said: “We had actually just been discussing how treacherous the Screes looked, following a recent rock fall avalanche. I realised the cries were coming from visibly upset, frightened young women, who reminded me of our own daughters.

“The group had already called for Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team but were perilously close to the edge of very deep water, perched on unstable rocks, and hadn’t seen anyone else for hours.

“We reassured the women that we would stay with them until help arrived - that was really all we could do, but I think it was appreciated. Their tears turned to smiles and we talked about their jobs and lives in London. I just kept thinking that if my daughters were in that situation, I really hope someone would do the same for them.

“The women were just looking for a gentle stroll around the lake, and had been given some very poor advice.

“Thank goodness for Wasdale Mountain Rescue. I think we waited about an hour for the first very reassuring, and particularly cheerful chap. It would’ve been a different story if the weather had turned, with potentially a very different outcome."

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team confirmed they were called at about 2.20pm on Sunday to help five walkers stuck on the Wasdale Screes. At the scene, the team provided helmets then launched their boat to recover the walkers