SHAP Endowed Church of England Primary School has once again been rated as ‘good’ in a report by Ofsted.

The standard of behaviour maintained was praised, as was provision for students with special educational needs and/ or disabilities.

But there was criticism that work assigned to some pupils sometimes did not stretch them enough.

Various other areas of school life and teaching received praise. For example, according to the report, children who joined nursery and reception with lower communication and language and physical development skills than would be expected caught up quickly.

It said: “By the time they leave the reception class, almost all children have reached at least a good level of development in readiness for Year 1.”

The report added: “Pupils read widely and often. Those who read to the inspector did so with enjoyment, fluency and understanding.

“They talked about their favourite authors and had a clear understanding of the meaning of the texts they read.”

However, the report said: “The work that pupils are set in curriculum subjects other than English too infrequently requires them to write at length.”

“This means that pupils, especially the most able, cannot practice and sharpen the skills they have learned in writing in a wider range of subjects.

“When this happens, it limits the extent to which pupils’ work in these subjects supports their progress in writing.”

Headteacher Anne Maud had announced before the time of the inspection that she would be leaving the school at the end of the academic year.

Regarding Ofsted’s visit, Mrs Maud said: “We’re very pleased with the outcome of the report and I’m delighted the inspector left with such a positive impression of our school, our pupils and our teachers.

“I’m particularly pleased to hear the school described as a happy and welcoming place where pupils learn well.

"However, as a headteacher, I always seek out from any report the areas for improvement.

“I can assure all parents that everyone involved in the school will take up the inspector’s challenge of ensuring our most able pupils are pushed and given every encouragement to ensure they reach the maximum of their potential.”