FLYING Scotsman, the world’s most famous steam locomotive, will thunder into Carnforth twice on Saturday hauling one of the world’s most luxurious Pullman trains.

The Northern Belle – Britain’s version of the iconic Orient Express – will make a brief half hour stop in the aftrnoon and then again in the evening.

Both times the 300 passengers on board will be able to dance to the train’s resident band before puckering up under the station clock where Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson stole an illicit kiss in the 1940s movie Brief Encounter.

The train is due to reach Carnforth the first time around 1.20pm from Settle before departing at 1.56pm. It is then timed to reach Morecambe South Junction at 2.03pm and Lancaster at 2.05pm.

The second time it is scheduled to arrive shortly after 10pm and will depart at 10.36pm, passing Morecambe South Junction at 10.40pm and Lancaster at 10.42pm.

Northern Belle managing director Jeanette Snape has pleaded with train spotters and photographers not to trespass on the tracks or get too near platform edges in their eagerness to see the train.

And following other incidents involving Flying Scotsman earlier this year British Transport Police will have officers on board to photograph anybody putting themselves or the train in danger

Ms Snape said: “We know this will be a big attraction, the world’s most famous steam engine pulling Britain’s most luxurious train.

“But while we want as many people as possible to see the train and get photographs, we also want everybody to stay safe.

“It is extremely dangerous, as well as illegal, to trespass near the railway tracks. At best people could end up in court being fined £1,000 – at worst they could end up in the mortuary. So please take care and act sensibly.”

Police Chief Inspector Gareth Davies said: “Seeing Flying Scotsman is an exciting event for many people. But please remember to use safe vantage points to view and take pictures of the train, stay clear of the line and do not risk serious injury or death by trespassing on the tracks.

“The railway is an extremely hazardous environment and those caught trespassing or obstructing trains can expect to be prosecuted.”

Tickets for the two trains sold out within weeks, despite costing more than £300 each. Passengers will tuck into slap-up meals with wine and champagne during the journey, while being entertained by the train’s resident musicians and conjuror.

The Northern Belle, with its seven ornately-decorated 1930s-style Pullman carriages, operates luxury excursions all over Britain. For more details see or phone 01270 899681.