I was surprised to read that Kendal has a ‘declining’ indoor market that needs new life and that SLDC is to lure private sector companies in for the revamp (Gazette, July 11, ‘Markets set to be revamped’).

Apparently the aesthetics will be improved bringing more traders to make it more vibrant and host events.

Now where have I heard that before? Ah yes, when plans were drawn up, at great expense, to revamp the Market Place and look how that went. I’m still waiting for the promised new trees to be planted, replacing the axed silver birches.

The unique character of the indoor market is that the stalls are all different, with stall holders and their goods, being personal to them and offering a different shopping experience to the High Street.

How boring it would be if all the stalls looked the same? Nor would it work, depending on what they were selling.

Plus how would these traders earn a living while all this was taking place.

Having spoken to one of the traders who would be affected, again I was surprised to hear that they had not been consulted and have no idea what is going on, which is doing more to knock their confidence as this is their livelihoods.

But why should we be surprised as this seems to be council policy to keep everyone in the dark, then do what they want anyway.

The photograph you printed didn’t look as though the indoor market needed re-invigorating.

Kendal should not be treated the same way as a city centre and certainly not by people who are unaware of the history of our beautiful market town, which sadly is having its character threatened on more than one front.

Pat Hartley