A MAN has been told he should "expect" a prison sentence for attacking two men with an axe at an address in Kendal.

Tom Andrew Campbell, 41, pleaded guilty to three offences when he appeared at Carlisle Crown Court this morning.

Campbell admitted unlawfully and maliciously wounding Samuel Brocklebank; assaulting David Raven by beating; and the illegal possession an offensive weapon - a hand-held axe - in a public place, Kendal's Glebe Road.

Mr Raven is said to have been assaulted with the blunt side of the weapon, and Mr Brocklebank with the blade during an incident on the morning of June 17.

"It is a single blow with the axe," prosecutor Gerard Rogerson told the court hearing of the violence against Mr Brocklebank, who suffered a head wound.

"There is no medical evidence to suggest any lasting injury."

However, there was photographic evidence which, said Mr Rogerson, "clearly shows the wound".

Sarah Magill, defending, asked for the case to be adjourned as she needed more time to gather mitigation information from Campbell.

"He is a very sensible man, this defendant - now," said Ms Magill. "Not on the night in question."

She added: "He is not a man characterised by a violent past. It is an incident that has some background to it.

Judge James Adkin adjourned the case.

Campbell, of Highgate, Kendal, is due to be sentenced by a judge on August 2 at the crown court.

"You should expect a custodial sentence," Judge Adkin told him. "You will be remanded in custody in the meantime."