A TEST purchase operation was carried out to see if alcohol and knives would be sold to a 15 year-old.

None of the 18 licensed premises tested sold knives to the youth, but four pubs sold them alcohol.

The operation was carried out by police officers from the South Lakeland Local Focus Unit together with Trading Standards.

A 15 year-old, working with the police and Trading Standards, attempted to purchase alcohol or knives at a series of premises.

Inspector Paul Latham from the South Lakes Local Focus Unit said:

“Overall the results were really good and it is reassuring that no knives were sold to the youth: age limits are in place for the protection of everyone.

“We continue to work closely with all licensed premises and it is fantastic that the majority of the licensed premises passed their test purchases of alcohol.

“Operations like this are really helpful to enforce license requirements and the four pubs that failed have received fixed penalty tickets and a well-timed reminder of their license responsibilities.

“Further test purchase operations will be carried out in the near future, which will include the pubs that failed this time.”