The polls are opening this week for the fifth season to 'Name our Storm'

The Met Office is offering people the chance to take part in naming next season's storms.

People are asked to send in their suggestions.

A spokesman for the Met office said: "More than 10,000 names were received when ‘Name our Storms’ was first introduced in 2015 by the Met Office and Met Éireann, the national weather provider in the Republic of Ireland.

"Now coming into its fifth year, the Met Office is once again asking people to get involved by sending in suggestions for storm names.

Giving storms specific names makes it easier to report on them, raises interest and awareness of weather warnings and increases preparedness in the community.



The Met Office says suggestions can be sent in via social media channels and keen weather watchers are asked to watch out for instructions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat throughout the week.

People can also send their suggestions via email to