SHIVER me timbers - the annual show at Wilson's Endowed Primary School at Nether Kellet took on a nautical theme.

Sailors aboard the HMS Crunch Frog raced across the Sea of Sciatica to do battle with the pirate ship, The Curry Bean.

A storm, a treasure map and a displaced family all came together on the tropical island of Lumbago.

The musical, which involved every pupil in the school was penned by Craig Hawes. Additional dances and music including a Maori Haka and the1980’s hit Agadoo all added to the magic.

Pictured are some of the cast (l to r): Nel Stryj (Squawk), Millie Potter Thomas (Captain Deadeye), Jack Winder (Louie)

Mille Potter Thomas as Captain Deadeye with the pirates of the Curry Bean.

Meanwhile, the school has become the first in the Blackburn Diocese to achieve the new Young Leaders' Award at Key Stage One from The Archbishop of York Youth Trust.

The award, launched in January, gives young people practical opportunities to make a difference in their local community and beyond. The whole of Year 2 has worked together focusing on themes such as action, perseverance, teamwork and kindness and worked together to raise money for a new slide for the community to use.