THE decision of a faceless bureaucrat to allow the bat-chomping, bird-slicing, eco-monster wind turbines at Kirkby Moor to remain (Gazette, August 1, 'Windfarm will keep on running') is a precursor of the coming sacrifice of our beautiful countryside to combat the ludicrous climate alarmism.

As we destroy our prosperity and devastate our land we can at least take grim amusement by observing the unashamed hypocrisy of the virtue-signalling super-rich elite as they fly around the world to lecture us on our evil ways, and watch the self-satisfied middle-class activists of Extinction Rebellion as they glue themselves to pavements and block roads before jetting off to their villas in Tuscany.

According to the reliable Hadley Centre Central England Temperature dataset (the longest and most accurate instrumental temperature dataset in the world), this June and July have been only the 82nd warmest two months since 1660, and July was 1.3C cooler than 1783; but who needs facts when you can scam people with fake news?

John Ellwood