LISTENING to the news today about rising levels of knife crime and unsolved cases of crime here in the UK, I’m left to wonder why this country is so ridiculously lenient with criminals.

In Singapore, the safest country in the world, the answer is simple.

The penalties for even minor crimes are severe. Gun, firearm and knife use is strictly controlled by the government and police. Recreational drugs and other illicit substance use is banned - and met with harsh punishment. Fines are high for even minor crimes such as pickpocketing and shoplifting.

Cases of vandalism for instance are met with caning - a hefty 24 strokes to bare buttocks, and is the usual form of corporal punishment for males under the age of 50.

Meanwhile, murder, knife crime, drug trafficking, discharge of firearms - and treason - are some of the forms of crime punishable by death.

What a pity our MPs have neither the gumption nor the courage to look at what is working in other countries, particularly Singapore, and apply it here.

God knows our current namby-pamby system obviously isn’t working at all, and never, ever, will.

Forget climate change briefly, our children and young people should be taking to the streets to campaign against the pathetic anti-crime system in the UK.

I, for one, am not only fizzing but thoroughly embarrassed and saddened when listening to the news, and I sincerely hope, nay, wish, that our next Prime Minister has the guts to at least try to change things.

Louise Broughton