I NOTICE from the Gazette that the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale Mr James Airey met our new prime minister (July 4, 'Boris Johnson pays South Lakes a visit'). I wonder if Mr Airey asked Mr Johnson about the "do or die" no deal Brexit and its effects on Cumbrian farmers?

Does Mr Johnson now realise nearly half the UK’s lamb goes to the other EU countries? Does Mr Johnson also realise that if there is a no deal Brexit all this lamb will be subject to 40 per cent tariffs? This would make UK lamb extremely expensive and uncompetitive.

In addition, operating under World Trade Organisation rules would flood the UK with very cheap and unregulated food, further affecting UK farmers and our food quality standards. Perhaps Mr Airey would be able to tell us what Mr Johnson’s solutions are to these important local and national issues?

John Wright