A TOWN’s street was brimming with tradition as the 426th annual proclamation of Broughton Fair 2019 was in full swing.

Every first day of August, Broughton-in-Furness holds the fair, which has been going since the early 16th century.

The fair dates back to when the village first introduced its town market during the 1530s, with an ethos of providing ‘fair and honest’ services by all vendors.

In their capacity as Lords of the Manor of Broughton, Cumbria County Council continues to re enact this centuries old ceremony with traditional pomp and pageantry, including the "quaffing of good ale" and the scattering of pennies to children.

The proceedings were introduced from the steps of the obelisk by local councillor Matt Brereton and Cllr Christine Bowditch, chairman of CCC.

The proclamation was repeated by parish councillor Elaine Knowles, chairman of the parish council.

After the singing of the National Anthem, and to the delight of the local children, the spectacle continued with the scattering of new pennies by the chairman and other members of the official party.

The villagers were then invited to The Manor Hotel where, in time-honoured fashion, they received fair cake and ale, after which Cllr Christine Bowditch proposed a toast to "The Queen, Duke of Lancaster."