AFTER traffic chaos struck the A590 once again news of an investigation into the road will come as a welcome relief to many.

On Saturday motorists were faced with over two hours worth of delays after police were forced to close the A590 in both directions between Greenodd Roundabout and Haverthwaite.

This was as a result of a two-car crash between two Audis at around 10.30am.

Due to it taking place on a single carriageway section of the road it was not until around 1pm that police were able to open it fully.

To add more fuel to the fire, a bus also broke down at the Bouth junction on the A590 causing even more disruption.

Even as traffic was diverted through Greenodd many local residents were then left fighting to even to get out of their home.

One Greenodd resident said: "Cannot get out my house - traffic is solid."

The police have since confirmed that one driver was checked over by paramedics and found to have 'no life threatening injuries.'

Following this The Mail has received news that Cumbria County Council will be carrying out a study, worth an estimated £49,768.00 on a major section of the A590 to identify possible improvements.

A spokesperson from Cumbria County Council said: “The county council is working in partnership with Highways England on a study to identify possible transport infrastructure to provide a safer and more reliable road network on the A590 through Ulverston and across the town.

“The study is expected to be completed by the end of November. We will be working closely with the local community and businesses in the development of the study and its recommendations.

“At this stage there is no funding identified to deliver any interventions that may be recommended through the study.”

Ulverston councillor Dave Webster and previous traffic officer said: “In my personal opinion I believe that the A590 should be a dual carriageway right from Barrow all the way to the motorway, although I know that this would be difficult to achieve, particularly as a bypass would be required to go around Ulverston.

"Because it is such a one-way route, with few alternatives other than country lanes there is always going to be problems, including serious incidents.

"If something like what took place on Saturday takes place on a single carriageway section of the road is causes a total obstruction. The narrow section beyond Greenodd is one of the worst place it can happen - it is such a narrow road.

"There are places where there are small sections of dual carriageway but as soon as it gets to a single carriageway and there is slow moving traffic people want to overtake.This then causes a mad rush for people to get past."

Mr Webster also revealed that there is soon to be a meeting with Highways England representatives to discuss possible options for the road.