A FILM focusing on the infamous ‘Bownessie’ monster has been released by a Kendal musician.

‘HUMPS or: Grey Water, Green Eyes’ is a dark comedy which centres around a fictional documentary filmmaker named Jeremy Clackhandle. It follows his attempts to investigate the mythical beast which supposedly resides in Windermere as well as the disappearance of a Canadian TV crew.

Director Elliott Léon spoke warmly of the cast who helped make his vision a reality. It was a varied group which included friends, neighbours, local actors and local musicians, all of whom starred for free.

Mr Léon said: “These people brought me in from the cold by virtue of their taking part, despite the fact that they have their own working and private lives.

“And for that I am forever grateful to them, because the film just wouldn’t have come to fruition any other way.”

Karen Treadwell (fifth from right) starred as Mr Clackhandle’s secretary, Fiona, in the film.

She said: “I’m absolutely proud to be a part of it. It’s been a lot of fun and very, very hard work.

“We have made a film on a shoestring without the shoe or the string!”

HUMPS or: Grey Water, Green Eyes also includes real-life interviews with people who give eyewitness accounts pointing to something strange lurking in the depths.

One such person is Thomas Noblett (fourth from left), who once sensed something “massive” move beneath him when he was swimming in Windermere.

On the film, he said: “It was very tongue in cheek. We probably added a more serious element to it.

“I think it’s got many hidden depths.”

The full film was introduced to the public, as well as the cast, during a test screening at Yard 46, a café in Kendal.

Mr Léon said: “The aim is to entertain the viewer and to make their experience as fun as possible and I think we achieved that if the reaction of the audience at the test screening was anything to go by,” adding: “Going forward, I’d like to appeal to people out there who’d be willing to invest in the film’s promotion.”

He also thanked Naz Craig, who provided props from her Bownessie brand.

To watch a trailer for  the film search for 'HUMPS or: Grey Water, Green Eyes' on YouTube.