Many thanks for publishing the photograph of my great grandfather, the wood carter Jonah Hawkrigg Dickinson (Gazette, July 4).

As a result of the article I have had several replies, including a photograph of my late aunt (Jonah’s granddaughter) which I have not seen before. Each has received an email of thanks from me directly.

I am now of the opinion the site is on the Mislet to Ings road at Broadgate. The road or driveway in the bottom right of the photo is a clue. It still exists. However, we have to assume the road, which is not macadamed in Jonah’s photo, was dug a little deeper because the modern wall appears to be higher.

Next time I am in the Lakes I plan to photograph that scene and compare the profile of the hill end in the upper right hand corner of the old photograph. There is no evidence today of the few scruffy trees on the top left horizon. That is hardly surprising as they looked on their last legs more than 100 years ago!

Phil Leviston