THANK you for giving the 4x4 entrepreneur Nick Fieldhouse so much space in your article on the ICOMOS [International Council on Monuments and Sites] report on green lanes in the Lake District (Gazette, August 15, 'Report sparks debate over 4x4s in the Lakes).

I loved his bucolic image of the old Land Rover rattling around the area. If only it were true!

Sadly, what we do have is convoys of 4x4s and motorbikes on historic tracks, belching out fumes, damaging the surface and ruining the beauty and tranquillity of the area for residents and walkers alike.

ICOMOS has produced a thorough and balanced assessment of the danger to conservation by off-road driving. Both the national park and the World Heritage Site need to be protected. If not now, when?

Christine Muir

Little Langdale