I HAVE to say how disappointed I was to read of the plans South Lakeland District Council has for Grange Lido (Gazette, August 8, 'Lido site plans on the way').

The council would have us believe they wish to restore it and preserve the buildings for the public.

If they went ahead with their “light-touch” restoration, they could no longer call it a lido. The word means beach, and where there is beach there should be water.

Sadly the council are firmly against restoring the pool despite the overwhelming health benefits of outdoor swimming and the growth of support throughout the country for lido restoration. They speak of “landscaping” which, according to the plans I have seen, means shrubs and gardens, as if Grange doesn’t have enough of these.

Once the pool area is used for another purpose it would be unlikely to be brought back into use for swimming. I just hope the electorate does not fall for the misleading language which implies a wholesale restoration of Grange Lido.

The brave thing for the council to do would be to accept the positive arguments of numerous people, including the Save Grange Lido Group, heritage organisations, various celebrities and many members of the public.

Judith Rigg