THE Gazette has recently published stories about charity fundraisers who have used skydiving as their chosen activity.

Any fundraising for charities should be, and is, applauded but anyone considering skydiving, in any part of the UK, should really think again.

One reason is because of damage to the environment. Skydiving tops the list of the most polluting activities and this is acknowledged on one skydiving website which states: Skydiving is a very entertaining but also highly polluting activity. It is important to be aware of the impact our sport has on the environment”.

Skydiving aircraft are responsible for adding thousands of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. So anyone who cares about our planet should not skydive at all!

Secondly considerable noise is generated by skydiving aircraft and because this often continues hour after hour it causes stress to many neraby residents. It can spoil leisure time at weekends and bank holidays for those working during the week and can generate noise from 9am to 9pm at weekends. There have been many documented complaints in this area and in other parts of the UK.

Thirdly, it never seems to be publicised but each charity jump costs well over £200 so skydiving companies earn a substantial amount from them. In many cases this cost is deducted from the funds raised, so charities get substantially less than they would if fundraisers used other activities.

So to anyone planning on skydiving to raise money for charity, please think about the harm to the environment, and the suffering, mental distress, and nuisance the noise causes and look at alternatives.

Choosing a different activity will result in more money for charities, be beneficial for our planet by reducing CO2 emissions and will improve the lives of many.

Charities seem to be unaware of the pollution and the physical and mental problems skydiving can cause to locals, problems that many charities are often trying to help! I understand many are being contacted to raise their awareness.

Dave McInnes