YOUR article on the debate about 4x4s in the Lake District has prompted me to send a photo of a convoy of Kankku 4x4s which I met last summer on the track from Slater's Bridge to High Tilberthwaite.

This hardly meets the description of "an old Land Rover gently rattling its way along an old stone quarry road" described by Nick Fieldhouse, the owner of Kankku.

In case the Lake District National Park Authority hasn't noticed, this year has seen an explosion of concern about the environmental crisis we are all now facing. From Greta Thunberg and the demonstrations by schoolchildren to the Extinction Rebellion, young people worldwide are on the march challenging the old ways of thinking.

If the National Trust can take this on board and change their policies to to reflect these concerns about the long-term future of the planet, why can't the LDNPA?

It's time to call them to account.

Teresa Bell