A DOG breeder found guilty of animal cruelty charges against more than 100 animals will be sentenced next month.

Lynn Stoker (62), of Raw House Farm, in Byrness, was due to be sentenced at South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court last Friday after being found guilty of 11 charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, four counts of failing to ensure an animal’s welfare needs were met and one application for animals to be given to the RSPCA on Thursday.

During a four-day trial, the court heard 11 animals were taken into the RSPCA’s care in 2017, when Stoker initially contacted the charity, before more were seized last May.

However, the relationship between the RSPCA and Stoker was said to have deteriorated over time, which led to a warrant for the animals being issued.

The court was shown a video of cramped conditions scores of dogs were forced to live in at Stoker’s home, which included stacked cages.

In its evidence, the RSPCA said 85 dogs and two cats had ear disease, 66 dogs had dental problems and 26 were abnormally thin.

A tortoise was also “unwell to the extent it died”.

Stoker claimed her animals were not unwell and she had regular routines to look after them and check their health. She said she had been breeding dogs for 25 years and her pets were never neglected.

However, district judge Bernard Begley said there were a number of inconsistencies in Stoker’s evidence, there was “notable evasiveness”, “little coherence and comprehension” and she was “not credible nor entirely truthful”.

In comparison, he said Dr Jacqui Paterson, a vet of more than 30 years who gave evidence for the prosecution, was “totally honest”, clear and balanced in her opinions.

Judge Begley said he was satisfied there was insufficient water and food for all the animals at the site and their environment was not suitable.

Stoker was described in court as a person who was “breeding dogs but not being very good at selling them”.

Judge Begley concluded: “This is a very sad state of affairs. I have no doubt in my mind that I find you guilty of all the charges. I cannot rule out the possibility of a prison sentence.”

Stoker is due to be sentenced on September 12.