I AM quite in agreement with Louise Broughton and her cry for more severe penalties (Letters, August 8, 'Time to look to the East').

We had corporal punishment and hanging when I grew up in the fifties and we had one of the politest, most well-mannered and disciplined generations.

We didn't have a lot of money or expensive possessions but we were happy and content.

Today's criminals are vicious and godless. There are murders, stabbings and robberies every day, using any weapon to hand.

Twenty five people have been murdered in the Manchester area alone by people re-released into society after killing someone. These killings wouldn't have happened if life meant life, or hanging was still available.

We need a deterrent, which we haven't got at present. We need one and soon. If you need an example of corporal punishment, didn't Christ use a whip on wrongdoers?

G Kendall