I WAS so pleased to hear Riverbank Catering of Kendal had taken the 555 bus up to the Lakes Distillery [near Bassenthwaite Lake] for their work outing.

Wouldn't it be great if more local firms used local services not only for days outs but also as a bonus for workers?

Kendal Hostel often has a day out on Windermere Lake Cruises and it doesn't matter if it rains!

The staff enjoy interacting with the passengers and learning what the customer wants to know and enjoys.

Also, with the weakness of the pound and green tourism advice, wouldn't it be beneficial if locals chose to take a staycation? I know I am only too guilty of visiting attractions in the area when I have guests or family staying. We live close to two Unesco World Heritage Sites. Aren't we lucky?

At Kendal Hostel, like other attractions in the area, we are prepared to give 20 per cent off to anyone who has an LA or CA postcode. I am sure other attractions in the area will join me in offering this.

In closing, I would just like to mention the new farm visitor attraction at Ings, which doesn't charge an entrance fee and is well worth going to visit. It is one of the best farm diversification projects I have seen and also very educational. I am a farmer's daughter and wife and even I learned something.

Jan Nicholson