I read the report 'Report sparks debate over 4x4s in the Lakes' with interest. I am a great car enthusiast and have enjoyed off-roading and snowmobile racing in the UK and abroad.

If this is an “emotive subject that is easy to hijack”, then I will hijack it here.

What on earth has been happening in the Lakes that you haven’t banned commercial off-roading on public land? Since when was one business given preference over all other users: what precedent does this set?

Off-roading is incredibly fun - and really anti-social. It does not complement any other person’s use of the land.

These public pathways obviously came about long before cars. They are not designed for cars. It is tiresome to argue there is no impact made by cars - this is why any off-roading I have done has been on private land.

There is the short-term impact: walkers must give right of way to these cars each time they pass. There is the long-term damage of that horsepower over ancient paths. There is the liability issue: who is to blame in case of an accident?

If the paths are used for transport, is the Lake District National Park Authority liable for maintaining them for that use at everyone else’s expense (and then is this even off-roading)?

It doesn’t matter the make of the car; this is a matter of proportionality. Any repeat use by multiple off-roaders is too impactful in such a setting, Land Rover or otherwise.

I would still greatly enjoy an off-roading experience in the Lakes, but on private land, away from the public and without the burden of knowing I was ruining another visitor’s day.

Ben Richards