‘A BETTER Ambition: Confessions of a Faithful Liberal’ is the full title of a new book by Tim Farron, described by him as “a journey to the leadership and back again.”

The text includes “flashbacks” to the Westmorland and Lonsdale MP as a young person, a discussion of why he joined the Liberal Democrats and even references to his stint in a band - at one time called ‘Fred the Girl’ and described by Mr Farron’s sixth form magazine as a “fourth rate New Order”.

“It’s a collection of true stories. The story at the time of the leadership. The story of some of the major political events that have happened in my time. But it also looks at my formation,” said Mr Farron, 49.

“As I started writing it, an idea for a structure formed really, and the idea was that I used the 2017 general election as a kind of backdrop but with a lot of other inserts so to speak.”

He added: “The title of the book is ‘A Better Ambition’. A lot of that refers to the fact that a lot of former leaders look rather crestfallen and go around moping after they’ve become a leader. I’d like to think I’ve done the exact opposite.

“My conclusion at the end is that there’s more to life than being a party leader and that serving people, being true to yourself, and being a good MP is far more important, and I hope that comes across.”

Mr Farron, who has been an MP since 2005, described how ‘A Better Ambition’ began life on a train journey around two years ago, after he led the Liberal Democrats during the 2017 general election; although he did not specifically intend to write a full-length book to begin with.

Regarding things in the book that those reading may not have known previously, the MP referred to a telephone call he took from then-Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg five years ago.

Mr Farron said: “I reveal the night when one of my staff from Kendal was getting married in 2014, and whilst we were at the wedding Nick Clegg called me up and asked me whether he should resign.”

He added: “In short I told him no, and I’m not entirely sure he meant it - but anyway it happened.”

Mr Farron noted that the book contains references to his constituency, of which he is very proud.

“Though being a party leader was an honour and a duty, being an MP here is an honour and an absolute joy.

“There is nothing more rewarding than being immersed in our communities here, and making an honest attempt to tackle the problems that we face,” he said.

‘A Better Ambition’ is available to buy online at spckpublishing.co.uk.