WE ARE lucky to have a centre of excellence in our community.

A year ago I was barely walking due to severe pain and arthritis in my left ankle joint. I did not realise when I was referred to the orthopaedic department at Westmorland General Hospital, Kendal, that I would be offered the very latest in ankle joint replacement,with cementing in of my new artificial joint, giving me full pain-free movement in that ankle from day one.

Having previously had very limited mobility, it has taken a few months to get muscles in both lower limbs, with the help of exercises, properly walking again; but now I can express fully my appreciation of the skill and service I received from the orthopaedic team, physiotherapy and ward team.

I am writing because of the surprise I have encountered that I had such surgery, offered by the NHS so close to home. Talking to those who looked after me, I know they would like it better know, too.

Dr Jane Burnett

Kirkby Lonsdale