I AM amazed at the Remain mob who are shouting about proroguing Parliament as destroying democracy.

It is Parliament itself that is betraying democracy. We had a democratic referendum sanctioned by Parliament, who agreed to honour the result. Part of article 50 was in law that if we don’t have a deal by the end date we leave with no deal. Taking no deal off the table is ludicrous; what gambler would throw his ace in the bin before a game? With no deal off the table we might as well ask Junker to write the deal and we will sign it. Total capitulation.

We were told the referendum was a once-in-a-lifetime vote, and now the Remain side want another because they refuse to accept this democratic result. We were all told what we were voting for by the PM, who said in his leaflet, a vote to leave is a vote to leave the customs union and the single market and the European Court of Justice.

There was a wealth of debate in the media giving all sides of the argument before the referendum and those that wanted to remain lost. To say that Leavers didn’t know what we were voting for is utter rubbish. In fact the evidence seems to be that those who voted to leave were far more informed than those who refused to acknowledge the blindingly obvious shortcomings of the EU, or the dire implications for the UK if we stayed in.

Boris is having to try whatever he can to honour the will of the majority. We have had three years of total stalemate because of parliamentary intransigence and a quisling speaker, which will just continue if it is extended yet again. I see any deal as being half in half out. Not what I voted for as I was expecting a clean break.

R Quirk