SHAP Village Show, organised by St Michael’s Church, was held at the memorial hall, resulting in more than £300 being raised for church funds, writes JEAN SCOTT SMITH. As the public entered the porch they were greeted by a delightful scarecrow of a lady gardener complete will straw hat and flowers; this had been created by the newly formed gardening club that meets monthly at the Old Courthouse.

There was a good number of entries overall, and it was great to see previous exhibitors and new ones taking part; a few classes attracted no entries or only a single entry. The flower and vegetable sections both saw favourable displays despite the problems encountered by gardeners this summer. The floral art classes attracted fewer entries than last year, but all were of a very high standard. The baking and preserves classes saw a pleasing number of entries. The photography section attracted a great many entries, and the standard was highly praised by the judge. There was no children’s work from school this year; but some youngsters entered individually in other classes with some success. The results can be viewed on the Gazette’s website.

The Flora Fishwick Memorial Cup for best planted container or hanging basket judged at the beginning of August was won by Jean Parker. Other trophies were awarded as follows: The John Fishwick Memorial Trophy for best exhibit in show went to Maureen Hogg, who also won the Ada Ronald Cup for best in Floral Art with her arrangement depicting Steam over Shap. The Ernest Hudson Trophy for best in vegetables was awarded to David Groves for onions; the Armstrong Cup for best in flowers and pot plants went to Irene Leese for her collection of garden flowers; the Mary Harrison Cup for best in handicrafts: Ann Appleby for her embroidered panel; the Josephine Johnson Memorial Salver for best in home industry (baking and preserves) was won by Vera Carr for her chocolate cake. The trophy for the most points in show was awarded to Vera Carr with 39 points. At the end of the show an auction of produce followed with Canon Carole Marsden a former vicar of Shap acting as auctioneer. Best in Section Rosettes: (in addition to those awarded trophies) Pot plants: Irene Leese for a succulent. Preserves: Val Hale for her pink elderflower cordial. Photography: Katie Hale for her photograph of Brooklyn Bridge. Junior art: Gabriella Jackson for her drawing of a highland cow.


Flowers. Hydrangea head: 1 J. Owen; 2 E. Davidson. Marigolds: 1 E. Hudson; 2 D. Groves; 3 V. Carr. Pansies, 3 heads: 1 V. Carr. Sweet Peas: 1 E. Hudson; 2 E. Amos; 3 H. Groves. Dahlia, 1 bloom: 1&3 E. Hudson; 2 E. Amos. Collection of Hosta leaves: 1 J. Owen; 2 D. Lee. Rose Floribunda: 1 S. Howard; 2 E. Hudson; 3 D. Lee. Montbretia: 1 V. Carr; 2 D. Lee. Asters, 3 in vase: 1 E. Hudson; 2 H. Groves. Container Garden Flowers: 1 I. Leese; 2 D. Lee; 3 S. Howard. Pot Plants. Flowering: 1,2&3 V. Carr. Foliage: 1 V. Carr; 2 H. Harrison; 3 D. Groves. Cactus or Succulent: 1 I. Leese; 2 Taylor and Damon Holder; 3 S. Carr. Vegetables. A misshapen vegetable: 1 D. Groves; 2 D. Hale; 3 R. Fitzsimmons. Collection of herbs: 1 L. Burns; 2.E. Carruthers; 3 S. Howard. Marrow: 1 E. Hudson; 2 B. Dawson; 3 H. Groves. Squash: 1&2 E. Carruthers; 3 V. Brough. Pumpkin: 1 E. Carruthers; H. Groves and D. Groves. Potatoes: 1&3 B. Dawson; 2 Oscar Wood. Ingredients for a salad in a shoebox: 1 D. Groves. Best Brassica: 1 D. Hale; 2&3 D. Groves. Beetroot: 1 B. Dawson; 2 D. Groves. Tomatoes: 1 D. Groves; 2&3 B. Dawson. Onions: 1&2 D. Groves; 3 P. Hodgson. Runner beans: 1 E. Carruthers; 2&3 B. Dawson. Apples: 1 D. Groves; 2 E. Hudson; 3 S. Howard. Miscellaneous: 1&2 D. Groves; 3 S. Howard. Eggs. Brown eggs: 1 P. Hodgson; 2 Oscar Wood; 3 D. Groves. White eggs: 1 D. Groves. Any other eggs: 1 P. Hodgson. Floral Art. A single flower in an unusual container: 1 V. Stephenson; 2 E. Allison; 3 D. Windsor. A single flower in an unusual container - children: 1 Oscar Wood; 2&3 Julia Cudlip. An arrangement within a glass container: 1 E. Allison; 2&3 M. Hogg. Arrangement using foliage only: 1 M. Hogg; Steam over Shap: 1 M. Hogg; 2 J. Wood. John Ruskin: 1 M. Hogg; 2 J. Wood. Preserves. Raspberry jam: 1 E. Allison; 2&3 D. Lee. Strawberry Jam: 1 E. Allison; 2&3 D. Lee. Any other fruit jam: 1 S. Howard; 2 E. Allison; 3 I. Leese. Marmalade: 1 S. Campbell; 2 E. Allison. Lemon Curd: 1 V. Carr; 2 M. Clark; 3 D. Lee. Chutney: 1 P. Brown; 2&3 I. Leese. Rum butter: 1 S. Dawson; 2 D. Lee; 3 V. Carr. Herb or fruit jelly: 2 P. Hodgson. Any preserved item: 1 V. Hale; 2 E. Allison; 3 R. Fitzsimmons. Baking. Fruit scones: 1 D. Fitzsimmons; 2 E. Allison; 3 Oktavian Wrobel. Cheese scones: 1 Willow Wrobel; 2 E. Allison; 3 Oscar Wood. Loaf bread, not machine made: 3 P. Dicken. Chocolate cake: 1 V. Carr; 2 M. Drinkwater. Fruit Pie: 1 D. Leese. Gingerbread: 1 Willow Wrobel; 2&3 V. Carr. Rock Buns: 1 V. Hall; 2 V. Carr. Tray Bake: 1 M. Clark; 2 L. Burns; 3 V. Carr. Cup-cakes: 1&2 V. Carr. Lemon Drizzle cake: 1 I. Leese. Tea loaf: 1 V. Carr; 2 J. Wood; 3 M. Clark. Biscuits or cookies: 1 V. Carr; 2 V. Hale; 3 D. Lee. Sausage rolls: 1 E. Allison; 2 D. Fitzsimmons; 3 M. Clark. Savoury flan: 1 V. Fierkens; 2 E. Allison; 3 D. Leese. Miscellaneous: 1 T. Prince; 2 V. Carr; 3 I. Leese. Photography. A picture with a humorous caption: 1 J. Simmons; 2 M. Jackson; 3 J. Davidson. An animal or bird: 1 M. Jackson; 2 S. Hastie; 3 K. Hale. Patterns in nature: 1 J. Simmons; 2&3 K. Hale. A bridge: 1&2 K. Hale; 3 S. Hastie. A traditional Cumbrian scene or event: 1 S. Hastie; 2 M. Jackson; 3= S. Hastie, M. Jackson. Handicrafts. Any Item of crochet: 1 M. Chandler; 2 H. Harrison; 3 C. Pickering. A hand knitted garment: 1 H. Harrison; 2 E. Allison; 3 C. Pickering. A hand knitted item: 1 C. Pickering; 2 M. Drinkwater; 3 P. Brown. Hand-knitted toy: 1 M. Hodgson; 2 V. Brough; 3 C. Pickering. An item of hand-made jewellery: 1 P. Brown. A greetings card: 1&2 E. Grose; 3 D. Lee. Any item made by a senior citizen: 1 L. Amos; 2 M. Higgins; 3 M. Drinkwater. Any item made at a Wasdale craft session: 1 M. Higgins. Any other item made by hand: 1 A. Appleby; 2 P. Brown; 3 I. Leese. Junior handicraft under 16 years: 1 Emily Cross; 2 Willow Wrobel; 3 Oktavian Wrobel. Art. A painting – any medium: 1,2&3 M. Jackson. Drawing – pencil or pen and ink: 1,2&3 M. Jackson. Any artwork by under 16 years: 1 Gabrieilla Jackson; 2 Tom Jennings 3 Lydia Cross. Novelty. Largest and smallest button: 1 M. Drinkwater; 2 V. Hale; 3 D. Hudson. A bell: 1&2 E. Davidson; 3 V. Carr. Old promotional item: 1&2 J. Scott-Smith; 3 M. Scott-Smith. Hanging basket: 1 J. Parker.