YOUR newspaper will be covering the Westmorland County Show, which is a well-attended show.

The farmers work very hard getting their animals ready to show off in their various classes, as do the people showing off their different skills in the marquees.

Mrs Knipe does an enormous amount of work behind the scenes making sure the show runs smoothly.

It is great for everyone meeting up at this great show, and the farmers and wives meeting up with all their friends, exchanging news.

My reason for writing is to say how very disappointed I was, as were many others, when I saw how crammed in, in the smallest print imaginable, you reported the show last year. I gave up in the end trying to read it.

How must all the people have felt who had entered in the various competitions on the day? The farmers love to read what each other has achieved at the show. Surely we shouldn't have to use a magnifying glass to read our beloved "Wezzy Gezzy"?

So please, Editor, could I make a plea that you do a better job of larger print this year, even if it does take another couple of pages, and make everyone happy. Thank you in anticipation of a good read on September 19.

D Baines


Editor's note: We do understand that some readers might find it difficult to read some of the results because of the font size used and we apologise for that. It is, however, necessary as there are hundreds of results to report and, if the font size was larger, it would require a huge amount of space. We do appreciate the value of the show and have devoted a large number of pages to coverage this year.