I, LIKE many Leavers, are becoming totally exasperated at the hypocrisy of Parliament, who only see democracy as getting what the MPs want while ignoring the democratic result of the referendum.

The duty of Parliament is defined as obeying the will of the people. They now seem to think the people must obey them.

Both the main parties had manifestos which clearly stated they would honour the referendum result. The MPs who have become turncoats to block the will of the people are nothing more than traitors who stood on those manifestos just to get elected. They are using Parliament to further their own views, not ours. How will anyone in the future trust what they say in any manifestos?

For Labour and the Lib Dems to say they want yet another referendum now is a despicable insult to the 17.4 million of the electorate who are being told they are stupid and ignorant for voting the ‘wrong’ way.

As for the Lib Dems to say that if Leave won another referendum they would ignore it leaves me speechless at their blind arrogance. They need to remove ‘Democrats’ from their title.

Labour have been saying they want to stay in a single market and a customs union. Another slap in the face for the electorate who were told by Cameron that a vote to leave is a vote to leave the single market and the customs union and the European Court of Justice. So the majority have already voted for a clean break.

Our Remain politicians do not deserve any votes in the next election. They have betrayed the voters in the most undemocratic way and have shown themselves to be hypocrites by claiming it is undemocratic to prorogue Parliament, when they themselves have brought Parliament into disrepute by usurping democracy for their own ends.

I accepted the common market result when I lost, even though it was won on proven lies and deceit. Why can’t the Remainers accept they have lost the argument this time and just get behind Britain and stop being such bad losers?

R. Quirk