WE, AS representatives of Mint Dale/Close and Mintsfeet Road, Kendal, are very concerned regarding the proposed north Kendal shared access improvement scheme (Gazette, September 12, 'Shared path is "insanity" ').

Back in March 2016 a consultation was apparently put out to the residents, we presume, in the areas to be affected: Ann, Castle and Wildman Streets with Shap Road.

Well, all these properties were underwater after Storm Desmond on December 5, 2015, so the majority, if not all, these properties had been vacated and residents did not return for six to nine months or even longer. A proper and democratic consultation subsequently did not take place.

Paying close attention to the detail we find Ann/Castle/Wildman Streets are too narrow to have additional cyclists on the roads as well as parked cars which often reduce these roads to one car’s width. It is very dangerous to direct more and more cyclists to these main roads.

Shap Road should not be reduced in width, especially as there are parked cars, vans etc already there. There are many junctions along the path to cross; consequently, it is hard enough for pedestrians, prams etc without having to negotiate cyclists. Cyclists will also be put in danger as drivers entering/exiting businesses will not be expecting cyclists or, in many cases, be able to see cyclists till the last minute because of poor sight lines.

There will be loss of parking despite what the leaflet says.

This is a very dangerous area in Kendal with continued traffic all through the day on narrow roads and footpaths. To add more chaos is unacceptable. We know what we are talking about as we use this area to go about our daily business.

The project was shelved in 2018 only to be brought back to life by certain county councillors, ignoring the democratic process to consult all county councillors and the electorate concerned, to force this to fruition.

This proposal is unsafe, unwanted and unnecessary. It is also a waste of our money at £400,000!

It needs stopping now to have a full review and consultation before the residents of Kendal are left with the dangers and chaos.

L Davis, P & S Slade and K Winder