MY WIFE and I recently spent a weekend in Grasmere at fantastic self-catering accommodation, Stonegarth.

We arrived on a Friday and were greeted with the noisy event called Grasmere Guzzler.

Frankly, I don't know how the authorities can consider that to give a licence to an event which encourages excessive alcohol consumption and what can only be described as a cacophony from early afternoon until midnight is appropriate for such a beautiful place.

It did nothing to enhance my respect for the authorities who are responsible for decision-making on such matters.

Grasmere is known worldwide for its beauty and doesn't need such events to encourage visitors.

I am not against alcohol and celebrations but the Grasmere Guzzler is completely out of character with Grasmere and encourages behaviour which the village doesn't need for its economic prosperity.

Michael J Foy OBE

Market Drayton

Editor's note: the Gazette contacted Tweedies Bar and Lodge, the festival venue, and here is the response from manager Laura Goodall:

"The Grasmere Guzzler is now in its 13th year, having gone from a very small beer festival to the hugely popular event it has become. I think this natural progression proves there is a demand for this sort of thing in Grasmere, and the beautiful backdrop just adds to its uniqueness.

"While we have a large number of beers on, we certainly don’t encourage excessive drinking and the same rules apply as they do daily in Tweedies Bar. The Grasmere Guzzler is a celebration of great beer and also showcases some of the incredibly talented musicians and bands from Cumbria and beyond, who I imagine would be extremely unhappy to have their music described as a “cacophony”.

"Grasmere as a village and the majority of its residents rely on tourism to make a living, and we believe the Guzzler benefits everyone. Hotels, B&Bs and self-catering accommodation all get booked up in advance, and the many cafes, eateries and shops are all busy over the weekend.

"We can genuinely say that over the 13 years we have been running the Guzzler we have had a handful of complaints and thousands of people who have thoroughly enjoyed themselves."