I AM thoroughly fed up of being told we must honour the result of the referendum (Letters, September 12) when there are many reasons not to.

First, it was advisory only, not binding, and merely a test of opinion.

Second, much misleading information was given, such as the “£350 million NHS bus”.

Third, the world has moved on in the three years since the referendum. It would be interesting to know how many on each side have died in the last 39 months, and how many new voters have become eligible to express an opinion.

It is telling that it is only those who voted to leave who say we must honour the result – are they afraid a new vote will go against them?

We are already two-thirds of the way towards the next scheduled general election, and if the 2016 referendum had been a general election and the result had still not been actioned for more than three years there would be uproar.

The only fair solution is a people’s vote to ascertain the current wishes of the population.

Jean Robinson

Old Hutton