SINCE being commissioned by Kendal Futures in May to develop a “Vision for Kendal”, I have been overwhelmed by the interest and positivity this has received.

Kendal Futures were bold in selecting the team of Farrer Huxley and JTP to deliver their vision. In doing so, they have ensured their vision becomes Kendal’s vision.

The people of the town, the businesses, the residents, the stakeholders and visitors will all have an equal voice. The process we are facilitating will allow people to identify the key issues facing Kendal, express their dreams for the town, and explore ways in which new ideas can be realised.

The event has a business drop-in on Thursday, October 3 at 5pm and two public sessions on Friday, October 4 at 1.45pm and Saturday, October 5 from 11am, all at the Shakespeare Centre. We will work through problems, dreams and solutions for the town, with each stage being reviewed and moulded by the people of Kendal.

The process will be guided and nurtured by our team, with results drawn up and presented back to the public on Tuesday, October 8 at 6.45pm in the town hall.

The vision is not about maintaining the status quo; it is about understanding what a great town Kendal is, identifying the challenges it faces and making it much better.

It will provide a future aspiration that everyone can aim for, and a collective goal engendering a strong sense of pride. For businesses, it can deliver the confidence and direction needed to stimulate investment in a higher level of ambition and quality. For the council, it provides a public endorsement, attracting the funding Kendal needs to attain the best future.

This is important work to which I hope everyone can contribute. All views are welcome. If you’re not attending, then please contact us and let us know your thoughts on Kendal’s problems, dreams and solutions at; freephone 0800-0126730; and Twitter/Instagram @visionforkendal

Noel Farrer FLI

Director, Farrer Huxley Ltd

Past President of the Landscape Institute