SIXTEEN new boundary signs designed by photographic artist Mary Woolf have been erected on every main road leading into Craven.

Mary, 24, of Settle, was commissioned to create the new signs in four different designs. The project was funded by Great Place: Lakes and Dales (GPLD), the programme which aims to use art, culture and heritage to attract and retain young people to live and work in the area, in partnership with Craven District Council.

GPLD programme manager Lindsey Hebden said: “We are delighted to see Mary’s designs in situ, giving the message that Craven is a place which backs creativity. Investing in younger artists in such a prominent way promotes the area as one which values culture, heritage and the arts and encourages families and younger people to make it their base.”

Mary settled in North Craven after her parents moved to the area while she was at university in London. “I never expected to live in the Dales, but I’ve fallen in love with the place because it is so inspirational," she said. "I’m very proud and pleased to see my designs in place announcing the boundaries of the district I now call home."

Cllr Simon Myers, Craven District Council’s lead member for Enterprising Craven, said: “I’m delighted to see these wonderful designs in place, reflecting the stunning landscapes that we are so lucky to have here in Craven.

“These new signs will help us raise awareness of the district as a great place to live, work and visit. With its wealth of heritage and culture, Craven inspires creativity.

“We’re keen to attract and retain more families and young people to the area and we’re developing a range of initiatives with this aim in mind.”