AFTER Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (PMRT) came to their aid more than 50 years ago, a couple made a generous donation to the organisation on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary.

"The children used to refer to it as 'when daddy fell down the mountain!'" said Jean Ward, 83, of Cheshire.

Despite her and husband Eric, 89, reaching a milestone anniversary, they asked not to be given presents.

However, some of their friends wanted to give to a charity on their behalf instead.

And the couple's charity of choice was PMRT, because the organisation helped Mr Ward on Tarn Crag, Glenridding, in June 1967.

While on a climbing trip with two colleagues from North Manchester Grammar School, where he worked as a teacher, Mr Ward knocked his head on an overhang, then fell about 10 feet and rolled down scree.

PMRT was notified and took him off the slopes, where he was transferred to hospital in Carlisle.

Mrs Ward, who had been at home looking after their two children, and was pregnant with their third, said: "He had to sleep sitting up in a chair for two or three days because it was too painful to lie down."

Expressing her gratitude for the help PMRT gave her husband, she added: "A lot of people volunteer for these other charities, mainly in shops, but that's nothing like going out on the mountains in all sorts of weather."

In a post on Facebook, PMRT said: "Sometimes a donation from a supporter comes out of the blue and the team is both amazed and very grateful.

"Thanks go to Eric and Jean Ward (and their friends and family) for a generous donation from their 60th Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations."