CUMBRIA County Council is to be praised for providing better cycling facilities around Kendal.

Contrary to Helen Campbell’s claim the A65 cycleway is seldom used (Letters, September 19, 'Shared paths seldom used), my experience is that it is well used and, as a user, it has made my cycling much safer and pleasanter.

But surely the major point is the council is building a future network to encourage people to use a means of transport which is healthier for us as individuals and better for the future of our children and grandchildren who will live on an overheated and unstable planet.

By all means, try to improve the design of the cycle routes, but not to build them is to throw the baby out with the floodwater.

Storm Desmond and the continuing problems with flood-bashed Victoria Bridge are a reminder that Kendal is not immune from manmade global warming.

Martin Jayne